Aesthetic Counseling

 Counseling Services— we care about your skin problem

Plan your visit to Careless Beauty by Elena Oancea Salons and discuss about your skin type with one of our estheticians.  They will carefully listen to you and answer all questions regarding skin care, skin problems, Careless Beauty concept, ingredients and benefits. All counseling sessions are FREE OF CHARGE. Don`t have time to pay us a visit? We are happy to answer your question via phone or e-mail: / / +40799 744 755 / +40723 238 182.

BIO Elena Oancea, chemist and esthetician, founder of Careless Beauty

Elena Oancea is a chemist and esthetician and, as she likes to put it, a mother and a grandmother. She entered the world of organic skincare over 25 years ago, thanks to her own parents who passed on to her their passion for nature and beauty. Since her childhood years, Elena decided to learn all about natural beauty. She was raised in a small village in southeastern Romania where she spent a lot of time picking flowers in the surrounding forests and prairies. Ever since she was 6, Elena learned about the benefits of plant extracts and she was fascinated about the remedies nature could offer and, above all, by her grandmother’s lily face cream. She went on studying plants and combining various extracts according to skin types and dermatological disorders. This is how she succeeded in achieving highly concentrated formulas, exclusively based on plants and fruit packed with natural antioxidants able to regenerate skin cells. Elena was very happy to count on the support of her husband and children in continuing with this family tradition and turning it into a successful business: Careless Beauty by Elena Oancea.

BIO Ioana Adina Oancea, pharmacist and esthetician at Careless Beauty

Ioana Adina Oancea has a 7-year experience in organic skincare. She has always been passionate about

nature and beauty and has easily followed in the footsteps of her mother, Elena Oancea, a chemist and

founder of Careless Beauty. Adina is a graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy and holds a master’s degree in chemistry. She focused on studying the therapeutic value of Romanian plants in skincare. Today, her research continues within the PhD program of the Politehnica University of Bucharest but also in the Careless Beauty lab. Having felt people’s need to return to natural and pure skincare, free of synthetic chemicals, Adina has been dedicating her work to creating new products packed with plant extracts. She currently runs Careless Beauty Bucharest, a company that sells skincare products and services in Bucharest, Romania. Adina is also organizing conferences and trainings in the field of skin aesthetics.