Careless Beauty Facials

 Professional Aesthetic Services

“A professional esthetician will work to gain a loyal customer! A customer that comes back is one who is satisfied both by the facial treatment, its results and by the spa environment.”

Elena Oancea, Chemist, esthetician and inventor, Careless Beauty

The efficiency of Careless Beauty spa facial treatments comes from the quality of our products. We

provide professional facial treatments that lead to remarkable results. At Careless Beauty spa, our customer will benefit from a pleasant environment, relaxing music, a therapy mattress filled with mountain flowers, the aromas of essential oils coming from plants we grow and harvest with the highest care, free or fertilizers, or handpicked from unpolluted natural surroundings. Treatment steps:

1. Make-up removal with sea buckthorn fruit oil extract and a Careless Beauty face mist adapted to skin type.

2. Relaxing and anti ageing massage, around the eyes and on the forehead, with a final slight accupressure on the eyebrow area.

3. Classic steaming with the help of a plant-filled bowl. This kind of plant-based steaming purifies the skin by eliminating toxins and excess sebum. It opens pores, hydrates and prepares skin for extractions.

4. Manual extraction of blackheads, under a magnifying glass.

5. Plant mist, applied for 10 minutes, with a soothing, disinfecting and calming role post-extraction.

6. Scrub applied on face, neck and chest. Applied by massaging and left to act for 10 minutes. Removed with sterile tissues soaked in plant infusion. The scrub is a powder mixture of flowers, buds and forest fruit, blended with clay, honey and plant extracts, with various formulations according to skin type. It cleans and moisturizes the skin, removes dead cells, excess sebum and helps the skin to breathe. In our case, this is a true natural peeling with specific plant aromas.

7. Facial massage done manually with the application of a nourishing cream and lily flower oil extract This face, neck and chest massage is done manually and aims at maintaining muscle vitality and dermal elasticity, better toning, reducing and preventing wrinkles, revitalizing and deeply hydrating skin. It also helps the customer relax and find a general state of wellbeing. Duration – 30 minutes.

8. Moisturizing face mask applied on face, neck and chest, and eye area (on and under eyelids). The mask is applied at the end of the massage and let to act for 20 minutes, after which it is removed with the help of sterile tissues soaked in plant infusion. The basic formulation of this mask includes natural sea buckthorn and forest fruit juices, plant extracts, oils, honey and clay. It has a soothing, moisturizing effect, regenerating cells, closing pores and reducing wrinkles.

9. Application of Careless Beauty regenerating cream or regenerating foundation. The benefits of Careless Beauty facial treatment are visible immediately after the end of the spa session. The customer is deeply satisfied by the treatment and the surroundings, which lays the foundations for a lasting relation between the esthetician and the customer.