Hand-made facial massages

The Hand-Made Facial Massage with Organic Peel and Regenerative MaskThe hand-made facial massage is a very precious instrument for rejuvenating your skin and tone-up the facial muscles. This type of massage restores the suppleness of your skin but also hydrates and regenerates the epidermal cells due to the high antioxidant capacity of the active principles found in the composition of the Careless Beauty peelings and masks. Mixing the hand-made facial massage with those two products will help stretching out the collagen and elastin fibers, making your skin more elastic and of course, brighter.

This type of facial massage is a meticulous method of skin care that acts in a systematic way. Due to it`s unique technique, the hand-made facial massage is the most expected stage in the Careless Beauty Therapy by 99% of the customers.