Botanical Regenerative Elixir

IDEAL FOR: all skin.

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This product is an emulsion based only on essential oils obtained by an original extraction process that preserve the structure and the concentration of all bio-active of the plants. Due to the antioxidant-rich ingredients, this emulsion has anti-wrinkle, scarring, regenerative and skin-enhancing effects. Thus, the product can be used daily in small amounts on the entire face, neck and neckline, on areas wrinkled or affected by acne or scars left behind by pimples.
INGREDIENTS: Lilium candidum flower oil, essential oils extracted from the following wild and cultured plants: Lavandula augustifolia flower oil (Wild Lavender), Lavandula officinalis flower oil (Our own culture Lavender), Thymus serpyllum (Thyme) oil, Hippophae rhamnoides (Common Sea-buckthorn) fruit oil, Mentha aquatica (Spearmint) flower/leaf oil, Crataegus monogyma (Common Hawthorn) oil, Abies alba (Fir) bud oil, Pinus sylvestris (Pine) bud oil, Origanum vulgare (Oregano) oil, Populus nigra (Populus nigra) bud oil, Melissa officinalis (Lemon balm) leaf oil, Althaea officinalis (Mallow) flower oil.
HOW WE OBTAIN IT: Extraction using hydrodistillation process with floral water as solvents; macerating the Madonna Lily flowers to obtain the oily pollen concentrate and then homogenizing and macerating the final product.
HOW TO USE IT: Apply in very small amounts, evening and / or morning, on the entire face and on areas wrinkled or affected by acne or scars left behind pimples. Shake well before using!
LEARN MORE: Regenerating, anti-wrinkle, healing and toning effects. It will absorbe quickly into the skin due to the small molecules of the essential oils.
IDEAL FOR: all skin.
HOW DO YOU KEEP IT: At room temperature, away from light and humidity.
Quantity: 22 mL